Educator, Consultant, Songwriter, Rock Band

                                                               (L to R): Benom, Liam, Levi and Cindy Plumb                                                                               

                                                               (L to R): Benom, Liam, Levi and Cindy Plumb 


Benom Plumb has music and the music business in his genes. Great-nephew to the acclaimed A&R man, composer, arranger and conductor, Neely Plumb, Benom Plumb has been a professional in the music industry for over 12 years.

Benom was previously Vice President of Licensing at Bluewater Music in Nashville, TN from 2007 through 2012, and before that, he worked as an independent licensing consultant. During his time at Bluewater Music, Benom coordinated all TV/Film licensing efforts, signing new talent, pitching songs, finding publishing royalties, negotiating various business deals and representing the company throughout the world at industry events. 

He is now Assistant Professor of Music Industry Studies at The University of Colorado Denver. Benom has written various published articles about current music industry news for Denver-based music royalty marketplace, Royalty Exchange, or consulting for other music industry professionals throughout the country. And if you're ever at a Red Rocks concert, you're likely to catch him working hard behind the merch booth. 

Originally from a small East Texas town (Marshall), Benom is a husband, father, avid outdoorsman, music lover and songwriter. Benom lives in Denver, CO with his wife, Cindy and two sons, Liam and Levi. He leads the rock band, Professor Plumb, who organized and performed a hurricane benefit show for the Grammy Foundation charity, MusiCares.  The band is comprised of Benom Plumb (songs, vocals and 2nd Bass), Alex Bailey (1st Bass), John Demitro (guitars) and Ben Hatch (drums, keys). The band brings high energy rock with a taste of punk, blues and classic rock elements. On August 17, 2018, Professor Plumb released the first in a series of three EP's titled, "The Majic 12". Stream now on Spotify or your favorite platform!

Please contact Benom if you have inquiries about any of the following:

  • CU Denver's Music Industry Studies Program

  • Speaking engagements and guest lectures

  • Published articles and comments on music industry topics/events

  • Music industry consulting (Fees are per project, per hour, by retainer or pro bono. NO LEGAL ADVICE.) 

  • Professor Plumb band inquiries, booking, press, licensing, etc.