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Denver-based rock band, Professor Plumb, is the brainchild of Benom Plumb. Professor Plumb, is his first solo effort and is comprised of Benom Plumb (songs, vocals and 2nd Bass), Alex Bailey (1st Bass, Chloe Tang), John Demitro (guitars, The Velveteers / Pink Fuzz) and Ben Hatch (drums, keys, The Bright Silence). The band brings high-energy rock with a taste of satire, punk, blues and classic rock elements.

Benom Plumb’s professor job at CU Denver and an inspirational story from 2014 is where the band name, Professor Plumb, originates. Plumb, a music industry veteran, is acquaintances with Jon Foreman, the band leader of Switchfoot. Plumb had brought Foreman to campus to talk with the CU Denver music students the day of Switchfoot’s show at The Gothic Theater. The visit had meant so much to Foreman, that he introduced the band’s hit song “Meant To Live” by talking about his day with Plumb and the students, then dedicated the song to “Professor Plumb”. Plumb was in the audience that night as a guest of Foreman’s, and this is what inspired him to settle on the band name, Professor Plumb.

The band’s first commercial release is a series of three EPs titled, “The Majic 12”. “The Majic 12” is a collection of twelve original compositions written and produced by Plumb, who is a multi-instrumentalist on nearly every track. The twelve songs are divided between EP 1 (Black), EP 2 (Red) and EP 3 (Black and Red). The concept of the three EP’s has its roots in Plumb’s personal interest and research into the supernatural.

The number 12 has always been shrouded in magic, mystery and significance. The number is prominent in the cycles of time (12 months, 12 hours), space (12 signs of the Zodiac), religion (12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples of Yeshua, 12 Greek gods). The project’s title, The Majic 12, alludes to President Truman’s mysterious 1947 UFO research directive called “Operation Majestic 12”. The EP’s artwork with band logo and winged planet allude to Zechariah Sitchin’s epic cosmological book, “The 12th Planet”. Plumb also got the idea to release the 12 songs across 3 EP’s because in ancient mysticism, 12 also represented three-dimensional reality. For Plumb, it was the perfect supernatural concept for a rock project.

The sound and message of Plumb’s music on The Majic 12 displays his wide compositional range and knack for writing short, but poignant songs. EP 1’s satirical two-minute rocker titled “Midnight Creep”, is a powerful message in support of the #TimesUp movement. The song has an energy that keeps listeners’ heads bobbing, all the while fueling their desire to see justice and support given to sexual abuse victims. Plumb’s socially conscious message continues all the way through the third and final EP. The second song of EP 3, “Stop The War”, is a throwback to the rock riff sound of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, complete with catchy anti-war and anti-violence lyrical themes.

Plumb, 37, has music and the music business in his genes. Great-nephew to the acclaimed A&R man, composer, arranger and conductor, Neely Plumb, Benom Plumb has been a musician and professional in the music industry for over 12 years. Just as his uncle did, Benom usually works behind the scenes. Over the years, Benom has spent countless hours working with songwriters, music publishers, recording artists, artist managers, attorneys, record producers, labels, playing drums for other artists and mentoring college students. From 2007 - 2012, Benom was previously Vice President of Licensing at Bluewater Music, a popular independent music publisher in Nashville, TN.

Benom is now an Assistant Professor of six years at The University of Colorado Denver’s Music Industry Studies Program. During his time at CU Denver, he has been mentored by Colorado Music Hall of Famer, Chris Daniels, and continues to serve in a leadership role as Music Business Area Head.Professor Plumb is currently recording a full-length LP that will follow up the “The Majic 12”, TBD to be released in 2020.

THE MAJIC 12 (EP 1) 

All songs (c) 2018 Benom Drum Music (SESAC) and (p) 2018 Hi-Fi Motel Records.

Administered by Bluewater Music Services Corp. (

Songwriters: Benom Plumb, John Demitro

Producer: Benom Plumb

Electric Guitar: John Demitro

Bass 1: Noah Matthews

Bass 2, Drums, Vocals: Benom Plumb

Recording engineers: Jeff Kanan, Nick Sullivan, Klaus Larson, Lorne Bregitzer

Pre-production and editing: Klaus Larson and Lorne Bregitzer

Mixing engineer: Jeff Kanan at The Keep

Mastering engineer: Nick Sullivan at The Keep

Recorded at The Core at CU Denver and The Keep (Denver, CO)

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benom Plumb

Band leader, lead vocals and 2nd bass in ya face. 

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Alex Bailey

1st bass in ya face.

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Electric guitar superstar


Ben Hatch

Drums and keys, if you please